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Painting – whether domestic or commercial, has a lot of ancillary activities associated with it. One of them is the prep work, which is all about preparing the surfaces before painting them. The nature of preparatory work needed depends upon the type of surface to be painted. 

Now things come down to commercial painting, the success of the painting job, and the longevity of the paints depends upon the quality of the preparatory work. Like the flooring, walls, and other surfaces of the commercial properties take a lot of beating and are exposed to more rigour than their domestic counterparts, the prep work before painting them has to be rigorous and perfect. 

In fact, the efficacy of any painting company depends, amongst other things, on how good it is at prep work. Thus, if you are in and around Brisbane, we would suggest opting for Pristine Painting Systems Pty Ltd, as we are not only one of the best in painting, we are also excellent prep work, more so when it comes to painting commercial properties. Nevertheless, on this page, we provide a brief account of how we prepare the surfaces before commercial painting. 

Power washing:

This is the first step of preparing the surface for painting. Now the power to be exerted depends upon the type of surface to be painted. 

Drying: Once the surfaces are power washed, our commercial painters in Sunshine Coast or elsewhere near Sydney would let them dry completely. Not only does old paint stick to a dusty and dirty surface, but on wet or moist surfaces as well. Hence, our experts will let them dry for at least 24 hours.


This is the third step of the prep work, whereby our experts will scrape off all the loose, peeling off old paint from the surface, till the very last bit. The walls and other surfaces of the property have to be completely bare before they can be repainted. Any remnant of the old paint will cause the new paint to fall off pretty quickly and will defeat the very purpose of the painting altogether. That is the reason our commercial painters in Brisbane North would put so much importance on this part of the prep work. 


This is another pretty important part of the prep work, which is all about addressing the cracks and holes and other defects on the surfaces, and plugging them. Indeed, with the help of caulking, our commercial painters in Brisbane would plug in the cracks and holes at the seams or joints of the surfaces. Plugging them properly is extremely important, as any leftover crack, merely covered by paint, will go unnoticed thereafter, and cause structural damage to the property in the long run. It also helps in the uniformity of the paint.

Smoothing the surface:

This is the last stage of the prep work when our commercial painting experts in Sunshine Coast would sand down the roughness or undulation of the surfaces to make the surface as even and smooth as it can be. 

Once they have sanded down the entire surface, they would comprehensively remove the dust that was formed from sanding, so that the paint can stick to the surface properly. Our commercial painting professionals in Brisbane North can remove the dust in different ways. 

  • By wiping the dust off using clean rags 
  • Blowing the dust off using an air compressor
  • Rinsing it using a garden hose or pressure water (but then, they will wait for a couple of days for the surfaces to dry, give one final clean with the help of a clean rag to ready the surface for painting.)

So you see, these are the various steps of surface preparation, which our commercial painting professionals in Brisbane will go through to prepare the wall and put the first coat primer and then the paints. But that’s another story. 

Thus, if you are planning to have your commercial property painted by the best local painters in Brisbane, hire us for some impeccable surface preparation followed by a perfect painting. Dial 0410209178 to talk to Damien, or our office at 0417107737.