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Industrial paints are everywhere. If you are of the notion industrial paints are used to paint the plants and industrial units, you are wrong. These heavy duty paints are manufactured to protect a varied array of products from wear & tear, decay and corrosion. Besides, they also provide an aesthetic richness and finesse to the objects and their surfaces on which they are applied. Here on this page, let us discuss the different types of industrial paints that are used by the industrial painting specialists in Deception Bay or elsewhere.

Polyurethane Painting

This type of paint is used by industrial painting professionals in Brisbane on a number of surfaces in a wide range of environments. It is used as a protective final coat of paint over the formulated custom industrial primers. These polyurethane paints are resistant to abrasion. They are excellent in enhancing the durability of the surfaces on which they are applied. It helps the surfaces to withstand abuse and wear & tear. 

And then there are aromatic polyurethane paints that are excellent in resisting degradation of the surfaces even if they are continuously exposed to wet conditions or water. Thus, professionals offering industrial painting in Sunshine Coast would prefer using this product while painting underwater objects and sewerage pipes and other surfaces that are exposed to high moisture content. 

Epoxy Painting 

This is another very popular type of industrial painting that is used frequently. These paints come with an amine curing agent, which is blended with a high quality polymer. These paints bond in an excellent way to a wide range of surfaces. They resist weathering and they also have a high resistance against abrasion. That is the reason, commercial painting contractors in Brisbane would opt for epoxy painting for heavy duty surfaces. These paints can also withstand very high temperatures and hence are extremely stubborn. 

Epoxy paints are generally applied in two to three parts or installments. The base layer will come first, which will be a zinc primer, which will protect the surface from corrosion. The epoxy is applied on this primer, and is mainly an epoxy binder. And then, the final coat is applied. Thus you see, applying epoxy coat is a tricky business, and only quality commercial painters in Sunshine Coast specialised in epoxy painting should be summoned. 

Alkyd Painting

These are high quality, time tested industrial painting solutions. When it is applied on the prepared substrates, these alkyd paintings would resist the effect of a number of environmental extremities. These paints can be custom-formulated to be highly effective in the interiors and exteriors, underwater, and the underground utility settings. 

These paints can also be formulated by the industrial painting specialists in Redcliffe for creating custom alkyd solutions so that they can be used in various highly challenging environments. These paints may take longer than other paints to dry and hence, heat is applied to dry these paints. 

Zinc-Rich Paints 

These are another type of industrial paints, which are particularly effective when they are used on steel, and they provide the dual function corrosion protection – both galvanic as well as polymer barrier. These zinc-rich coatings are durable and are abrasion resistant. Thus, the industrial painting experts in Caboolture would use these coating while painting the heavy duty surfaces. 

Besides these primary types of industrial paints, the professionals would also use acrylic coatings. Thus, you see, industrial paints are the best used by the most seasoned experts.  Therefore, when it comes to applying industrial paints, you need to hire only the best in the business. What better name can you opt for than Pristine Painting Systems Pty Ltd? Call us at 0410209178 to talk to Damien, and dial 0417107737 to reach out to our office over the phone