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When undertaking a house cleaning job, you likely pay attention to the interiors and exteriors of your building but the roof often goes unnoticed. Just as your interiors demand bi-weekly cleaning, likewise, your roof requires periodic cleaning to stay in top shape. Regular abuse to outside weather elements wear out the lustre and after a certain point of time, your roof loses its structural integrity and shows telltale signs of damage. If you are coming across recurring signs of roof damage, a detailed cleaning can help.

Here’s all you need to know about residential roof cleaning and restoration.

Why is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Periodic roof cleaning extends the longevity of roof’s shingles and eliminates algae, dirt, grime and moss from the tiles. Additionally, power washing by experts specialising in roof restoration and painting in Brisbane protects lustre of roof colours for years and curbs chances of peeling, bubbling and fading. Usually, experts recommend having roof cleaned at least once a year for better maintenance. Since roof surface bears the highest abuse, deep cleaning would strengthen the structural integrity and keep the visual aesthetics of your property intact.

How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Roof?

Since roof surface is exposed to natural weather elements, it’s ideal to pressure clean periodically for long-lasting protection. Depending upon the type of your roofing material, you need to take special care during pressure washing. Both asphalt and tiled roof require mild pressure washing to stay in perfect shape. How often should you opt for roof restoration and painting in Sunshine Coast will depend upon the extent of the abuse your roof undergoes and the weather conditions.

Pressure Washing Requirements for Asphalt & Tiled Roofs

Pressure washing on asphalt composite roof requires less than 30 psi which is similar to a garden sprayer and it’s safe for your roof surface. Professionals offering roof restoration and painting in Caboolture use a specialised organic cleaner that protects the shingles and makes roof pristine clean and spotless.

Additionally, pressure cleaning tiled roof has got certain requirements. Its vital to pay special attention to mitigate the chances of cracks during pressure washing. Ceramic tiled roofs require a minimum pressure same as asphalt roofs, but if you aren’t a pro, it’s better not plunge into the job. Instead, delegate the task to roof restorationexperts who can maintain the protective covering and discourage mould growth.

Why Shouldn’t You Opt for DIY Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning may seem exciting but the process is risky and tedious. If your roof is too high or slanted, it’s better not to risk your life; instead, depute skilled and experienced professionals for safe and hassle-free roof cleaning.

Secondly, unforeseen events such as early morning dew, hail, equipment failures, gust of winds can result in accidents and make the job even more chaotic. No matter how confident you are of your abilities, you may become a victim and therefore, it’s always hiring professional roof restoration and painting in North Lakes for safe and fuss-free execution.

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