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Your home is a paradise that you love to retain in good shape for years and what could be great other than transforming your walls with vibrant paints! However, house painting in Brisbane needs periodic maintenance too, in order to remain in top shape for years. Lack of occasional paint maintenance often leads to cracks, dents and bubbles, which affects both walls and ceilings and demean the visual impression of your property. 

If it’s been long since you have repainted your home and coming across pesky cracks in ceiling paints, this post will give you a brief insight into the causes and probable fixes that would end your woes for good.

What Makes Cracked Ceiling Paints Really Serious?

Cracks in ceiling paint are not only detrimental to the structural integrity of your property but are a visual turndown for guests visiting your property for the first time. If the cracks are caused by aging, there’s little to worry about. However, if they result from weak foundation, you need to opt for house painting in Caboolture immediately to avoid costly damages. 

Potential Culprits Behind Cracked Ceiling Paint

Building structures are susceptible to damage as they age. Tilt or shift in movements often lead to cracks and no matter how premium quality paints you apply on ceilings, the paints are bound to develop bubbles after a few years.

Let’s take a close look at some probable reasons behind cracked ceiling paint.

  • Aging Home

Is your home looking tired? If it’s been years since you have renovated or repainted your home by house painters in Brisbane, it’s likely to encounter signs of natural wear and tear on walls which include foundation settling, cracked ceiling paints and more. With time and age, cracks not only restrain to ceiling but spread throughout walls and demean the visual aesthetics of your property.

  • Moisture Ingress on Walls

Another reason behind cracked ceiling paint is moisture damage. Moisture may penetrate from roof or surface immediately above ceiling and cause paint to peel off. Besides, plumbing leakage above ceiling or storm led by considerable rainfall can sweep through cracked walls and lead to bubbles in ceiling paint.

  • Weak Structural Foundation

Cracked ceilings are a telltale sign of weak structural foundation. For instance, if surface prepping wasn’t done properly at the time of initial paint job or inferior paint was used, it can weaken the underneath walls and exert stress on the foundation settlement. If you are coming across cracked ceiling paint, do hire professional house painters in Sunshine Coast to get an idea of the actual cause.

  • Excessive Load 

Does your ceiling have another floor or attic space above? If so, then cracks are likely to occur due to excessive weight. On the other hand, it may happen that your ceiling drywall isn’t compatible with the materials used while constructing your home. All these factors can contribute to aging and degradation of your ceiling paint.

Fix Cracked Ceiling Paint by Certified Pro’s!

End your woes with cracked paints as Pristine Painting Systems Pty Ltd is always ready to provide you with the best home painting solutions at budgeted rates. Our accredited painting contractors in Brisbane put relentless efforts from surface prepping to flawless paint application and leave a lasting impression worthy to admire. Call our experts today and get the best quotes on house painting in Sunshine Coast.