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In commercial painting, as the name goes, the painters have to paint commercial establishments, offices and in sometimes industrials areas as well. The former is more complex compared to the latter since business areas can be large and different types of paint materials are used along with custom equipment.

Anyway, let us now take a look at some more differences.

  • Project Size

As mentioned earlier, if you are investing in commercial painting in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast, you will notice that depending on the area that is to be painted, a team of painters will be formed.

The same happens during residential painting also. But their number is always less compared to those who are involved in house painting. Generally, painting large business areas requires more painters having specialisation in specific painting tools and techniques.

  • Equipment Used

In house painting, only a handful of tools are used. Whereas, in commercial painting different types of painting tools are used to achieve the desired finish.

In the latter, the painters use sturdy ladders and scaffolding along with other proprietary tools that make the painting easier. However, in residential painting, these tools are only used if the house or apartment is very large.

  • Paint Quality

In house painting, the painters use only a few common paints for the walls that include oil-based, water-based and latex paints. In commercial painting, however, the painters use these paints along with others that require proper mixing to achieve the desired results. Moreover, the commercial painters first assess the surface carefully to determine what type of colour and paint material will suit best since they apply paint on marble, metal, wood, plastic and other surfaces besides concrete.

  • Surface Preparation

The commercial painters in Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast have to prepare the surfaces carefully before painting so that the high-end paints can properly adhere. Here, they have to give extra effort since removing the existing high-end durable paints are challenging. Also, fixing the imperfections on the walls of your office or establishment before the painting can be time-taking since they have to be flawless. Otherwise, attracting your customers can turn out to be problematic.

On the other hand, preparing the surface of homes is not that much difficult. From sanding the walls to cleaning and priming, all can be completed quickly.

  • Time Management

The residential painters mostly work at a fixed time of the day. But commercial painters have flexible timings.

They generally work when your office or establishment is closed to minimise disruption in the business. Other than this, you can also set a painting schedule for them depending on the business.

  • Meeting Project Deadlines

When it comes to commercial painting, even the local painters in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast meet the project deadlines to ensure smooth business operations.

But the residential painters can sometimes take longer if they are handling more than one project.

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