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Repainting your house exterior involves several steps which all painters follow to achieve a smooth finish. And if you want to learn the steps involved in this preparation process, you are at the right place. 

Today, we will discuss the methods that the painters in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and other suburbs of the Moreton Bay region use to make the exterior surface of your house ready for painting.

  • Washing the House Exterior

The specialists carrying out house painting in Brisbane and other suburbs will pressure wash the exterior surface of your building to remove the stains and mould. Without this, applying a fresh coat of paint or primer is useless since a clean surface will increase the adhesion of both of these.

The specialists will use pressure washing equipment to clean the exterior surface since it is very effective against stains and mould.

  • Scraping the Existing Paint

After completion of the cleaning, the professionals will scrape off the paint using a paint scraper because without removing the existing paint, it will not be possible to apply the primer or the new paint.

Generally, the painting professionals providing house painting in the Sunshine Coast and other suburbs of Queensland wait for at least a day for the surface to get dry before they can start the scraping process.

  • Application of Caulk

Before the application of the new paint, the imperfections on the exterior surface have to be fixed. For that, the painters will apply caulk to fill the cracks and small holes. 

The painters will apply the caulk on the cracked seams but will avoid applying it on the areas that are meant for ventilation such as gutters.

  • Repairing the Surface Damages

If your house includes wooden structures and they have started to rot, the professionals providing house painting in North Lakes, Caboolture and other suburbs of the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland will first repair them with the help of a handyman or carpenter before they can apply primer. 

Not doing so can result in undesired results because quite naturally, applying new paint over areas that have become rotten makes the exterior surface look even more unappealing.

  • Application of the Primer

After repairing the surface inaccuracies, the professionals will apply the primer before they can apply the fresh coat of paint.

The primer will help keep the paint adhered to the surface. But since there are many types of primers, the professionals will choose the ones that will best suit the exterior surface of your house.

  • Trim Plants if any before Application of the Paint

Now that everything has been done, the house painters in Burpengary and other suburbs of the Moreton Bay Region, Queensland will trim the buses, plants that are in close contact with the exterior surface of your house.

They will do this to make the painting process convenient and achieve flawless paint results.

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