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Painting is a great way to give a quick visual boost to your home and strengthen the structural integrity of your walls. A new coat of paint not only adds life to walls but makes your home welcoming for guests and infuses a ‘feel-good’ factor. Now, you might wonder how often you should repaint interior walls. Well, it depends upon many factors such as regular wear and tear, how frequent the rooms are being used and what purpose do they serve. Each room serves a different use and high-traffic areas would require special care and attention for a successful transformation during house painting in Brisbane.

How Often Should You Paint Interior Walls?

Although there’s no rule of thumb as to how often you should repaint your interior walls but when done with advanced paint and detailed prep work, an interior paint job can successfully last up to 10 years. However, the most used living areas would require frequent touch-ups by a leading painting company in Brisbane for improved aesthetics and appearance.


Adult bedrooms don’t need frequent repaint work as they aren’t typically used, unlike other rooms. As they can’t be categorised into ‘high-traffic’ areas with no people touching walls or kids leaving scratches on them, paint job can last up to 5years. Kid’s bedroom has a different story altogether. They find their favourite canvas on walls which makes interior walls more likely to become dull and dirty during playtime. When painting kid’s bedroom, you should ask the house painters in Sunshine Coast to apply a highly durable finish such as eggshell to ensure paint lasts in good health for decades. However, even with durable paint finish, interior walls need to be pressure-washed frequently to mitigate the problem of cracks or bumps due to heavy use.

Dining Spaces

With the growing popularity of open-concept floor plans, homeowners have become inclined towards integrating dining rooms with kitchen space in order to open up space and enhance the functionality of their homes. Thus, the wall paints on these areas become susceptible to regular wear and tear, stains, dirt build-up, which in turn, demand repaint job by local painters in Sunshine Coast sooner than expected. To avoid compromising the visual aesthetics of these high-traffic areas and keep up to the latest look, it’s wise to hire professional interior painting in Brisbane at least once in a year. Advanced paint solutions applied on frequently touched walls would combat natural wear and prevent your walls from looking tired and outdated.


Kitchen is the heart of any household and as it bears regular abuse, the interior walls need special care and treatment to protect against natural degradation. With people always hanging out in kitchen, chances of bumps, spills and stains on walls are common and therefore, kitchen tends to get dirty quickly than other areas of your home. Additionally, splatters during cooking, oil, grease and food storage on countertops require frequent pressure-washing of walls as otherwise, it may affect the longevity of paint. Even if you consider applying emulsion paints with high-quality protective finishes, kitchen walls will likely become stained and, thus, should be painted frequently by painters and decorators in Sunshine Coast.

At Pristine Painting Systems Pty Ltd, we have set a benchmark in house painting in Sunshine Coast and our exterior house painters in Sunshine Coast offer nothing than quality outcomes to keep your walls looking great for years. If it’s been long since you have revamped your interior walls and planning for a paint transformation soon, speak to our experts and get a free quote instantly!