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Painting an exposed basement ceiling is a great way of giving an instant visual boost to a property. Applying paints on exposed basement ceiling is quicker and easier than drywall. If you use a sprayer, it will take almost 3 hours to get the job done without any break in between. Painting drywall, on the other hand, takes days to complete and require strenuous effort and time. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about painting an exposed basement ceiling. Stay glued.

It’s All in the Prep-Work!

Paint spraying in an upward direction, though hard and labour-intensive, will be way smoother and investing sufficient time in prepping will help you stay organised and clean. Unfinished basements can be dirty and they usually come with an exposed beam ceiling that displays pipes, vents and wiring that can make the process arduous during house painting in Brisbane. The best way is to paint an open beam ceiling rather than covering it up. To make the job smooth and hassle-free, secure all the pipes tightly. Bundle them up and secure the ceiling wiring. Next, trim down the exposed nails on the open beam ceiling using a rotary tool. Fill in gaps with foam insulation and trim off the excess for a clutter-free look. Lastly, tape the furnace and other areas that won’t be painted and you are good to go with your house painting in North Lakes!

Use Paper instead of Plastic as Your Drop Cloth Material

Plastic tarps do not work well on exposed basement ceiling and paint mist splattered on floor can make plastic even more slippery during house painting in Redcliffe. As an alternative, use masking paper and cover it with masking tape. Standard painters tape might fail to hold and thus, the latter can be of help. Paper can absorb the paint mist and will not seep down. Additionally, it will be easier to clean. 

Wrap Furniture & Other Essential Items With Tarps

Painting an exposed basement ceiling is always messy and paint splatters can damage the lustre of your furniture. Secure furniture and other household items with tarps to prevent the mist from spreading during house painting in Burpengary. When paint mist can be easily wiped off, why allow it to settle unnecessarily?

Create a Separate Walkway

Covering the doorways of the entire home and laying masking paper to create a walkway for painters and decorators in Morayfield to access will facilitate the process and prevent overspray from spreading through the rest of the house. Additionally, it will allow painters to access other areas of the house during their break and help you get house painting in Caboolture done without any chaos.

Use Same Paint Colours for Exposed Ceiling & Walls 

Your aim might be to cover up the exposed basement ceiling but professional painters and decorators in Rothwell recommend applying same paint colours on both the walls and ceiling mainly for two reasons:

  • Fill up every nook and cranny where the basement ceiling and walls meet.
  • The extra effort and cost for tarps to mask off the walls may not be worth the savings on paint during house painting in Caboolture.

At Pristine Painting Systems Pty Ltd, we make exposed basement painting less time-consuming and hassle-free. Our industry-leading painting solutions redefine your walls and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your property. Whether you are looking for full house painting or revamping the interiors, we can get your desires fulfilled at an affordable budget. Speak to us and schedule a free consultation!