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Painting a home is indeed exciting and overwhelming but if you have a furry friend at home, you need to think beyond than just choosing colours, textures and patterns. As a pet-owner, it’s vital to select paints that will not cause harm to your pets at the same time can give a great visual transformation to your walls. This blog will provide you with a brief insight to select the right pet-safe paint for your home. Stay glued till the end.

Read the Label

While contemplating paint choices, it’s vital to check the label and read the chemical composition to ensure you select a non-toxic product having no volatile compounds. It’s wise to select paints containing natural ingredients such as essential oils, water and plant dyes to minimise health hazards to pets. Organic paints do not discharge toxic fumes and keep the health and hygiene of your home intact post house painting in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane North.

Water-Based Paints is Ideal

Traditional paints contain toxic chemicals such as VOC’s, hazardous metals and solvents that are hazardous for pets and give rise to severe health ailments and skin infections. Choose a pet-safe paint that contains no to less toxic chemicals to mitigate the risk of infections or allergies to your pets. Make sure you check the ingredients before picking any local paint to ensure top-most safety to your pets. If you feel confused or lack knowledge in understanding the chemical composition, skip the idea of using solvent-based paint and choose water-based paint instead of the desired outcome. 

Choose Stain-Resistant Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing pet-safe paints, most homeowners confine their mind to colours such as blue or red due to the fear of frequent stains on walls but that’s not a good idea every time. Opening up your choices for natural hues such as olive, beige or charcoal can give an illusion of bigger space and make your look clean and clutter-free. Most scratches and smudges will easily blend in and not become noticeable. Ask the house painters in North Lakes to choose a soft stain-resistant colour tone that can act as a protective shield against unsightly stains and give your walls a smooth and quick touch up.

Search for Sufficient Lustre

The market is flooded with a plethora of choices and you might get confused when it comes to choosing a sheen having adequate lustre. Before adding an alternative, choose the label of paint and ensure whether it is semi-gloss or satin finish. You may not prefer to have highly reflective walls, however; you can choose a durable sheen and have sufficient lustre to complement the type of paint. No matter how many pets you have, fabric or semi-gloss finishes are smooth enough to keep off smudges arising from paws and claws and keep your walls in good shape for long.

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