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Beautifully painted kitchen cabinets elevate the visual appeal and make your space look aesthetically pleasing and appealing. Be it your home or office, kitchen cabinets need to be repainted at frequent intervals for improved appeal and aesthetics.

If it’s been long since you have repainted kitchen cabinets and looking for a way to revitalise them, painting can be a great choice. 

With that being said, a question might strike in your mind whether sanding would be worth doing before painting. To resolve your doubts, we have compiled a few points to help you figure out when sanding is necessary before house painting in Burpengary. Stay glued.

For Raw Unvarnished Wooden Surfaces

If your kitchen cabinets are made up of raw wood and lack proper finishes, there is no need to sand the surfaces before painting. That’s because the raw surfaces would be unblemished enough to absorb the coat of paint and allow it penetrate deep into the pores of the wood. What professionals offering house painting in Brisbane do is that they allow paint saturate into the surface and this what helps paint look fresh and new for decades.

For Recently Painted Surfaces

Kitchen cabinets that have been freshly painted do not require sanding before commercial painting in Brisbane. However, cabinets that have been painted in the previous year can be repainted without stripping away the initial paint coat. Before plunging into sanding and scraping, make sure whether it has been a short span of time since you have hired the last commercial painting in Brisbane North. If so, the surface should be even and unblemished enough to hold the new coat and do not require sanding.

For Peeling & Cracked Painted Surfaces

Over time, it’s likely for paint to crack and peel off the surface and if your existing kitchen cabinets are chipped, peeling or fading, it’s absolutely necessary to sand the area by painters and decorators in Rothwell before applying new paint coats to make them last longer. Uneven areas or damaged surfaces having cracks, dents, holes will prevent new paints to bind well and will eventually peel off. No matter how good the quality of paint you use during commercial painting in Sunshine Coast, there will still be areas where new paint won’t set and this will adversely affect the longevity of paints. 

For Shiny Surfaces

If the surface of your kitchen cabinets is varnished, sanding them is a must before painting. Cabinets having polyurethane varnishes prevent oil and moisture from penetrating the surface. While this can protect cabinets from water damage, it may equally prevent new paint coats from adhering to the surface and trigger potential risks of peeling paint. Hence, it’s always wise to hire a professional painting company in Brisbane North as the experts understand the quality of varnishes and offer necessary treatments to make new paints last longer.

At Pristine Painting Systems Pty Ltd, we have some of the best painters and decorators in Rothwell who have extensive knowledge and make paint last in good shape for decades. Our proficiency, skills and experience have helped us become a trusted choice of majority of the clients and made us one of the leading painting companies you can blindly place your trust upon.