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When it comes to transforming the interior décor, most homeowners consider repainting walls and ceilings with high-quality coats but a few pay attention to the doors. Over time, the door paints lose lustre and look shabby for which it becomes essential to add new paint hues to bring a drastic change to the interiors. 

If you are up for house painting in Brisbane North and that too, within a tight budget, consider repainting the doors for a quick and stunning transformation! 

Surface Preparation is Key

Before plunging into house painting in North Lakes, choose doors that need fresh paint coats and analyse the existing condition for applying effective treatments. If you find doors having a watery base, you may likely add new paint colours over the existing one without putting much effort. However, if the doors previously had primer paint on it during house painting in Sunshine Coast, you may need to purchase some additional primer to cover the top layer before applying the final coats.

When it comes to repainting old doors with damaged surfaces during house painting in Brisbane, you may need to follow some additional measures for smooth and flawless paintwork. If the door has cracks, dents or imperfections, make sure to refill them with wood filler. Next, sand out bumps, dents or holes until the surface is smooth and even and in case, the doors were painted before ‘80s, professional painters and decorators in Brisbane recommend purchasing a lead-test kit before sanding for impeccable results. 

Design & Aesthetics

Once you are done with the prepping by painters and decorators in Sunshine Coast, choose a style and paint type to apply to it. Before choosing a specific style and colour, consider the original design structure and the space around it to complement the aesthetics. The right style and paint design will have a significant impact on the overall aesthetics and add make your house painting in Redcliffe stand out.

The Painting Process

To begin with the job of door painting, professional house painters in Brisbane North recommend detaching the door from its hinge before painting to make the job effortless and stress-free. Moreover, it becomes less time-taking to remove the doorknobs and handles compared to taping them around. 

However, all doors are not designed the same way, usually most doors have small square panels with two long rectangles in between. Professional painters and decorators in Brisbane North recommend brushing and stroking in the same direction and painting from top to bottom for sections that run horizontally. While executing the paintwork, make sure the door is completely dry before adding a second layer for a smooth, even and flawless job.

Looking for Professional Interior Painters? We Can Help!

As easy it may sound to undertake an interior house painting job, the process is often challenging and complex. If you aren’t a pro or lack expertise in house painting, you can always seek professional assistance from painters and decorators in Brisbane North who can guide you on colour selection, paint protection and successful project execution to help clients design their dream spaces at affordable prices. Speak to our consultants today and book an appointment at the lowest quote! HURRY!