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Restoration and painting of your roof are to be carried out by professionals when the roof becomes old and has not been maintained. However, if you are planning to sell your property and want to increase its value, you should go for painting and restoration. 

At present, many companies are providing roof painting and restoration services in multiple cities and suburbs. So, if you are based in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Morayfield or Burpengary, finding licensed contractors will not be difficult for you.

Anyway, let us now take a look at the ways how the expert contractors carry out roof restoration and painting in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast along with the other suburbs.

  • Inspecting the Roof

In the first step, the professionals will carry out a thorough inspection of your roof to spot the weak areas that need to be fixed. The inspection process includes the spotting of cracks, growths, and the debris that have accumulated. Only after removing and repairing your roof should the professionals move on to the painting process.

  • Carrying Out the Repairs

In the second step, the professionals providing the roof restoration and painting in Morayfield and Brisbane North will fix the tiles or replace them if they are fully damaged. Apart from the tiles in your roof, the experts will also repair the gutters. They will fix the leakages (if any) and mend the cracks using different types of tools and equipment.

  • Cleaning the Roof

Next, a comprehensive roof cleaning is required before the professionals can move on to the painting. For this, they will use pressure cleaners to remove the mould and mildew that have grown on the surface of the roof. 

The professionals will also clean the gutters because most of the debris gets accumulated in this specific area. Also, depending on the condition of your roof, the professionals might use chemicals to make the cleaning process more effective.

  • Preparing the Roof for Painting

After the cleaning process is over, the experts providing the roof restoration and painting in Burpengary will prepare your roof for painting.

The experts will use a blower to remove the dirt and dust on the surface of your roof and will make sure that your roof is dry before they can apply the primer or the sealer.

  • Applying the Primer

Now, when everything has been done, the roofing experts will apply the primer and the sealer to increase the adhesion for the paint that will be applied. 

After applying the primer, the professionals will let it dry before applying the paint.

  • Painting the Roof

The final process is roof painting which the painters and decorators in Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast will do. They will apply high-quality paint on your roof that can withstand harsh weather and last long. Additionally, they will apply those paints that carry an extended warranty.

So, these are the steps in which the professionals carry out the painting and restoration of your roof. However, due to the advent of new tools and technologies in roofing, the steps might slightly vary from provider to provider.

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