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You can extend the longevity of the commercial paint on your building by following a couple of steps and today, we will discuss some of them here. Generally, premium commercial paints are durable and require less maintenance compared to mediocre paints. However, our painters in Brisbane, Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast suggest that you can elongate the lifespan of these paints by following simple procedures and doing so will save you from investing frequently in painting your building.

So, let’s now delve into the procedures that you should follow if you have just painted your commercial painting or are planning to do so.

  • Regular Inspections Are a Must

Investing in the building inspection at least once a month is cheaper than going for a complete building makeover. In the inspection service, the commercial painters in Brisbane, Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast will check the surface of your building for cracks on the paint, chipping, fading, mould or mildew growth. 

If they find any of these, they will notify you regarding the necessary patchwork to keep the paint and the building surface in the best shape.

  • Performing Cleaning when Necessary

Cleaning the surface of the building is necessary when mould or mildew growth have taken place because these growths not only damage the paint but also the building surface. So, professionals providing both commercial and house painting services in Brisbane, Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast, recommend that if these growths are found during the inspection, you should get them removed without delay.

To remove mould and mildew, commercial and house painters use pressure washers. Additionally, as cleaning agent they avoid abrasives. Rather, they use soap, water and other eco-friendly solutions.

  • Planning the HVAC or Other Related Systems Installation 

Sometimes, due to poor installation of HVAC or other related systems, the commercial building paint might get damaged. So, to prevent this from happening, planning the installation is very important and you can do this by consulting with the system installers. 

At the same time, if you have HVAC or other related systems installed in your building and you notice that the paint or the building surface is getting damaged, it’s time to contact professional commercial painters for an inspection.

  • Preparing the Building before Applying Commercial Paint

Before the professionals providing commercial painting services in Brisbane, Brisbane North and Sunshine Coast can start applying the paint, they will need to prepare the building properly as this will help to extend the life of the paint. Also, since it is a commercial building, attention to detail is necessary during the prep work to get the best results.

  • Priming is Important

Applying primers helps paint to adhere to the surface and increases its lifespan. Though all commercial and house painters apply primers, it is important to apply the best quality material to achieve the desired finish as well. So, before you repaint your commercial building, discuss the type of primer that will be used by the painters in the prep work.

  • Getting the Building Painted at the Right Time

To make the commercial paint last longer, you should start the paint job at the right time when the temperature is not too high, nor too cold. Also, avoid getting your building painted in the rainy season or when it’s too humid.

Thus, if you follow these steps, you will be able to retain the appeal of your building for a few more years.

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