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Transforming a home with vibrant coats of paint is indeed exciting and overwhelming but if you want your time and efforts to yield the best result, proper surface prepping is a must. Whether you are painting the entire home or an accent wall, you need to pay due attention during prepping to ensure your new paintwork last in good health for years. You might wonder why it is so important to prepare the walls before applying new paint coats.

Well, surface preparation is time-consuming and arduous but neglecting the task won’t do any favour to the overall house painting job. The longevity of paints depend upon flawless surface preparation which includes cleaning, scraping, sanding, priming and any crack, dent or imperfection can result in major paint failures and compel you to opt for repainting services within a few months.

Let’s dig deep into what all includes surface prepping and why it is considered necessary by most house painters in Brisbane.

Pressure Cleaning Walls Removes Surface Contaminants

Both the exterior and interior walls may appear clean from outside but practically speaking, they attract dirt more than any other areas of a house. Regular exposure to dirt, grime, stains and spills make walls filthy and they develop black patches over time. Moreover, fungi grow on moisture affected walls and although these tiny contaminants aren’t visible to the naked eye, they remain present on walls. Leaving these surface impurities untreated during house painting in Sunshine Coast prevents paints from adhering to the walls and they peel off at a premature stage.

Treating Dampened Walls is a Vital Step

Before starting off with the house painting job, it’s important to check the wall for dampness and treat it accordingly to avoid obstacles during house painting in Brisbane North. Discolouration or wet patches on walls indicate a higher presence of humidity and instigates bacteria, mould infestations to a considerable extent. Mould finds their way through damaged surfaces such as gaps, hairline cracks and holes and wreck havoc on the structural integrity of walls. Moreover, bacterial infestations on walls highly contaminate the ambience and trigger potential health issues among kids, pets and children. Therefore, treating and smoothening gaps are vital aspects of surface prepping for vibrant and long-lasting paints.

Sanding & Priming Are a Must for Long-Lasting Paints

Painting on uneven walls with cracks, bumps and holes is never a good idea as it fetches the risk of early peeling and flaking and makes your investment completely useless. Sanding and filling surface flaws such as gaps, cracks, dents and holes allow fresh paint coats bind with walls and paves the way for durable and impeccable paint outcomes. Priming by professional house painters in Brisbane North is another crucial step of prepping as it hides patches, surface imperfections and smoothens the base for painting. Applying good-quality primer not only makes walls paint-ready but extends the shelf-life of paint in the coming years.

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